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Choose from the most Frequently Asked Questions about Building Your Pet Grooming Business, or if your question isn't listed here, Ask a Pet Grooming Industry Expert Online Now:

Q:  How can I get New Customers today, without spending money on advertising?

Q:  How much money does the average pet groomer make? 

Q:  What IS the Biggest Lie in the Pet Grooming Industry that is Hurting Me?

Q:  I can't afford the latest, greatest equipment yet, how can I get it?

Q:  How can I easily know exactly what my competition is doing?

Q:  How should I set my grooming prices?  Do you have a template to help me?

Q:  How can I get my customers to really bond with me, so they'll never leave?

Q:  How can I groom more pets per day?  I'm not that fast.

Q:  How can I earn more money each day, starting right now?

Q:  Should I be charging less for puppies?  They're more work!

Q:  I work for someone else, how can I make more money?

Q:  Will I make more money if I get into competition grooming?

Q:  How can I tactfully raise my pet grooming prices?

Q:  How many customers do I need for my pet grooming business to really thrive?

Q:  I'm not the greatest groomer in the world, will this hurt my business?

Q:  How can I make my business a household name in town?

Q:  How important IS the name of my business?

If your question isn't listed here, click here to
Ask a Pet Grooming Business Expert Online Now


"I Love This!..."
"I love this!!!!  Keep it coming!!!  Great insight!!!!"

Jill Thompson, Pup Star
-Barrie, Ontario, Canada


"Thank You for So Many Good Ideas..."
"Everything you said is so true!  Thank you for so many good ideas.  I can't wait to start using them  tomorrow to start growing my client base and profits!"   

Steve Sharp
-Orlando, Florida  United States


"My Husband is Going to Use Your Ideas in His Own Business Too..."
"I have read this course over and over again.  When I made my husband read it, he said that he's going to start using your ideas in his own business too.  Thank you for sharing your experience with us.  It is going to help both of us in our businesses"   

Tammy Keith
-Blidworth, Notts, United Kingdom


"I Think You are Very Rude..."
"I have met many of the people that you talk about in your course and they are all very nice people.  I think you are very rude to say these things about them when they are just trying to help the best they can.  It's not their fault."   

Karen Chesney
-Aldergrove, British Columbia, Canada


"I Can't Stop Laughing, I Love It!..."
"I can't stop laughing at how blunt you are in this course.  I'm glad someone finally had the nerve to tell it like it is.  I can't wait to get each day in my email box.  I love it!"   

Chris Meyer
-Lake Taupo, New Zealand






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